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As an African American woman, I intimately understand the unique challenges we navigate daily. Taking that essential step to seek help or find a safe space can be challenging, but that's where counseling comes in. Together, we'll explore the issues that matter to you, identifying interventions to help you cope.

This experience is about you and what you aspire to achieve. I'm here to support you every step of the way. Counseling focuses on making choices that lead to a better life, employing specific techniques to clarify solutions and the paths to attain them. Your therapy experience is entirely centered around your needs.

Shaaree McCalpine

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At Faith Soars Counseling & Consultation, we offer a diverse range of expertise to guide you through life's challenges. From individual counseling to empowering group sessions, our services are crafted to meet your unique needs.

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Anger Management
Family Counseling

Grief and Loss
Individual Counseling
Parenting Classes
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In Their Own Words

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Ms. Presley is Amazing & I Love her!!!! Working with her has been like walking through everyday life being lead by my guardian angel. She’s helped me realize the most important thing about my life which is to take care of myself & lessen the unnecessary stress by simply saying “no” to the things/people that inconvenience me in any way. She’s helped me dig deeper into my life’s experiences & gain a better understanding of everything. She’s the greatest nonjudgmental woman I know! The best part is that she’s very transparent which shows that she’s human just like you & me. If I could have a session everyday, I would. My sessions with Ms. Presley have helped me develop even more into an unstoppable, game changing, young woman & that will never change!"

-Kyarra Jones
Most Improved Client

"Mrs. Presley has been super supportive since the day we met. She greatly surpassed my expectations of what a Supervisor should be. Mrs. Presley is open and eager to share her knowledge, expertise, and resources. She has also helped me to acquire additional licensing and opened up a whole new avenue for my career. Mrs. Presley gives me much encouragement to strive for more and to be great! I will forever be grateful that I was led to her and aspire to further develop the qualities and characteristics that she embodies."

-Amor Tillman

"Doing it all and being it all was about to be my downfall. I carried such a heavy weight on my shoulders as a wife, mother, full-time business owner, employee, and ministry leader. I was always the go-to girl for everything for everyone. Things began to become overwhelming and my anxiety and frustration were at an all-time high. I had no one to turn to (outside of God) until I met Shaaree Presley. I was reluctant at first but she made me feel comfortable. I learned so much and most importantly learned how to take care of me. I had to learn that it is ok to not always be the go-to person and that my NO was a full sentence."

-Kieara Johnson

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