Shaaree McCalpine, MA, MBA, LPC

Meet Shaaree McCalpine, MA, MBA, LPC—a licensed professional counselor and visionary founder of Faith Soars Counseling and Consultation, a Christian-based haven for healing.

Since launching in 2012, my journey has been a dedicated mission to support African American women in navigating life's daily pressures. At Faith Soars, we're committed to guiding you towards your goals of healing and health. Our consulting services offer tailored programming, group development, and assistance in making positive life choices.

My passion extends beyond women to adolescents and teens. Through partnerships with various school districts, I've had the privilege of counseling students facing traumas and life pressures. In response to the escalating challenges of bullying, self-esteem issues, grief, and suicidal attempts, I've organized impactful seminars focused on prevention, youth mentorship, and self-esteem enhancement.

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